Top tips for corporate gift giving this Christmas

Relationship building is a large part of business. It might be as simple as saying, “thank you” and demonstrating your appreciation for a job well done, expressing your “gratitude” to a new client for their business, or just to recognise a person for their contribution to your company.

At Gift Wrapped Up, we’ve helped companies procure their products into retail stores; a gift does not necessarily always need to be about giving “stuff.” Build value into your gifts and tell your businesses story.

Top 7 tips for corporate gift giving this Christmas.

1) Have a clear idea about your budget, for instance, I’m a big believer in focusing on the ‘vital few’ as apposed to the trivial many. It is not logical to recognise every client you have, so you need to be strategic in your approach. The objective is to quantify and apply a grading scale with a budget attached. You then scale your spend based on the value of the business.

2) Creativity can also go along way too. Customise the gift and add value where possible. For instance, if you are a service-based business, you could offer a valuable tool or beneficial industry research, to your clients. An example of this is – if you are recruitment firm, you could include a USP stick with a white paper on employee engagement statics and tips to reduce staff turnover. Or tips on recruitment…you get my drift? Furthermore, include some yummy treats too.

3) Brand the gift in your colours and logo. It can really make a visual impact and continues to build brand awareness for your business.

4) Tell your story. Use the gift as a change to create an experience that shares your brand’s core values and beliefs. For instance, do people associate high quality with your brand? Then premium products would help tell your story. Organic products also help to tell a story of social and environmental responsibility.  Let us help tell your businesses story to your valued clients.

5) Alcohol is not for everyone; make sure you know the person will appreciate it. For example, I love champagne and this would be a more than appropriate Christmas gift for me; however, individuals may have personal or religious reasons why they don’t consume Alcohol. Don’t make people feel awkward, try to understand their likes and dislikes.

6) Give a gift that is an experience. One of our most popular corporate hampers is our Gold Class hamper range – people love to receive gifts they can use. We also have a tour for Melbournians, where they can “Walk Melbourne” and experience the best dumpling that Melbourne has to offer.

7) When you need to give a gift where an entire office will share, make it simple for everyone to feel like them can join in. A lot of our Christmas hampers, and gourmet food hampers were designed with this in mind.

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