How to Pick the Right Gift for a New Baby

Someone you know had a baby or is about to and there is a baby shower and now you need to find the perfect gift. So what are some of the most thoughtful gifts you can buy the newborn and the mother/family?


When people are buying gifts for a baby shower or for a newborn most people think about the baby. It’s natural – it’s the one being celebrated! Truth be told though, the mother has had to do a lot of work to put that baby into the world and the father is probably pretty exhausted too – pregnancy hormones aren’t all that easy to deal with, after all. And the birth is only the beginning. Soon there will be sleepless nights, diaper changes and being on guard 24/7 to look after the new little life. It’s a beautiful period as a parent, but it is also an extremely challenging time as it often leads to sleep deprivation and working overtime to provide for both the baby and the home economy.


Therefore, when buying gifts for a newborn consider including the mother and the father as well. Give them something useful for the whole family or something that allows them to relax. For example, buying a baby hamper with some clothes and/or toys for the baby and a gift card for a couple massage for the parents is a lovely idea. So is a date night for the parents – two tickets to a movie and maybe a voucher for a dinner as well. Or if you want, give them something to accompany their next stay-at-home date, so they can be close to the baby whilst also having time for themselves. After all, it might be a while till they are comfortable leaving the baby with someone else for the night.


In general gifts that pamper the parents are appreciated, as pampering is just what parents need. Another thing they might appreciate is something to celebrate the birth of their beautiful baby – whether a bottle of champagne, a beautiful card that acknowledges they are now on one of the most incredible paths there is in life (the path of parenting), or a dinner at a fancy restaurant. Just make sure to point out you are giving the gift of celebration (there’s a reason behind the dinner at the restaurant in other words!).


For the parents something humorous like a card explaining why you are giving them a stay-at-home date night (to enjoy themselves in between diapers and a screaming baby – probably only to fall asleep after the first glass of wine due to sleep deprivation) or card saying you will babysit when they can’t take the screaming anymore is often also appreciated. Just make sure the humor comes through – nothing worse than someone mistaking your wit for being degrading.


For the baby there are three options – useful, sentimental or just generally cute. If the parents aren’t the richest people in the world they will appreciate something that’s truly useful. Like clothing (babies grow fast and need new clothes constantly!), baby toiletries, a crib, or blankets. Make sure to check with them what they have and what they would like.


Examples of cute things may be a cuddly toy for the baby or something else that isn’t strictly necessary, but that the baby can enjoy.


When it comes to sentimental gifts, it can be something to remember the birth of the baby, like a ceramic set where you can make foot and handprints for the newborn, or a photo album detailing the first year.


The most important thing to bear in mind when picking a gift is someone’s personality – whilst one person would appreciate a funny gift, someone else will find something strictly useful to be much better. For more ideas have a look at our baby hampers, which are both cute and useful in most instances and some come with champagne as well to celebrate the birth of the baby. If you want you can then add a gift card as mentioned previously, maybe for a date night out, a massage session, or a play session for the mom and baby.


Above anything enjoy celebrating the birth of your friend’s or relatives new baby, or twins, and take time to be present to enjoy the miracle of a new life. Your friend will appreciate you for it. And if you can make time to come visit the new parents and baby as they are sure to need all the support they can get in the first year of parenting. Just because they no longer have time to come out every weekend, they will still want a social life, only a social life they can handle with a new baby in tow!


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