Perfect planning for unexpected Christmas gifts

Ah, Christmas! So much fun, so much indulgence – and more than a few hassles. But in between all the gift buying and the food planning and the parties, there’s one thing that I never seem to get right. I call it the curse of the unexpected gift.

Not that receiving gifts is ever a curse. It’s always something that puts a smile on my face, just at the thought that someone has taken the time to think about me. The real nightmare is when they arrive unexpectedly with that gift and I haven’t prepared anything for them. As if Xmas gift ideas aren’t difficult enough sometimes, without needing to plan for the unexpected.

Is there anything more embarrassing and unpleasant? Your friend or relative has taken the trouble to select a gift for you and deliver it in person and you’re standing there empty handed. Of course it’s just that you haven’t expected to see that particular friend or relative. But in the embarrassment of the moment it’s hard to think logically about it.

We all have that little stack of nondescript gifts under the tree, ready for just this event. But we’re all too aware that they’re woefully inadequate. The spare bottles of wine or Scotch, the random boxes of chocolates, the silk scarves especially selected to be to the taste of no one in particular. All looking as though they’re bought by someone with no Xmas gift ideas at all.

So here’s an idea to help you solve this annual problem. What about buying a selection of beautiful Gift Wrapped Up luxury hampers to put under your tree this Christmas? Gift Wrapped Up will put a smile on anyone’s face and the incredible range of different hampers mean there are hampers which are perfect for everyone.

When you see these beautiful luxury hampers, you might even want to buy them as gifts for people on your regular Christmas shopping list. When Gift Wrapped Up have so many perfect Xmas gift ideas, it can really save you racking your brain and wrecking your feet with hours of shopping, looking for inspiration.

Let’s consider the scenario. You’re in the kitchen on Christmas morning, trying to get ahead with preparations for your carefully planned lunch. It’s going pretty much to plan when the doorbell rings. You wipe your hands, take off your apron and resignedly open the front door. There stands your cousin Muriel, who you haven’t seen for five years, along with her husband Bob and their three kids.

Of course you’re pleased to see them, but at the back of your mind you’re calculating how you’re going to cope with an unintended break in your preparations of at least an hour while you give them something to drink and sit down to catch up on five years’ worth of gossip from that side of the family.

Then, horror of horrors, Muriel produces a basket with individual gifts for your whole family. How can you reciprocate?

Luckily, you thought ahead last week and visited the Gift Wrapped Up web site, choosing a selection of luxury hampers and now they’re sitting around your tree, waiting for a situation just like this one.

While the drinks are being poured, you’re running a quick inventory in your head of the Gift Wrapped hampers you’ve stacked under the tree. Who’s going to get what?

It’s Christmas, so let’s take care of the kids first, right? The eldest is starting school next year, so you’ve got that covered with the Super Hoot and Hoot Buddy hamper. There’s a Giggle and Hoot Backpack, together with a Hoot Backpack Buddy and Charlie’s Rainbow and Chocolate Cookies. He’s going to love that.

Next comes the three-year-old. Fortunately, among your stash, there’s a Betsy the Cow hamper. This jump-along cow is going to provide days of bouncing fun. And for the littlest one, you’ve got a Big Bird Gift Hamper with a 30cm plush Big Bird and a tub of mini chocolate chip cookies.

Now that the kids are taken care of, what have you got under the tree for the adults? You have the perfect luxury hamper for Muriel and Bob. A little something for the end of the day, when the guests have gone and the kids have gone to bed. It’s the Sparkling Deluxe Christmas Hamper. A bottle of Chandon, a couple of bottles of Stella Artois and a range of sweet and savoury nibbles. The perfect end to a perfect day.

So you can see how easy Gift Wrapped Up make it to solve the awkward problem of unexpected Christmas guests with these brilliant Xmas gift ideas. You can be sure that they’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face. And you’ve done it all without trekking round the shops. And Gift Wrapped Up’s beautiful gift boxes will look perfect arranged around your Christmas Tree.

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