Packing a corporate gift punch at Christmas

With Christmas rapidly swinging around again, it’s time to for businesses to think about gifts. Smart business owners know that this is an opportunity to spread a little joy and cheer around their corporate relationships which are often fraught with stress for the rest of the year. It’s a chance to say “thank you”, to staff, to customers and to suppliers. And the gift you give yourself with these is that all your associates will begin the new year with a positive attitude to you.

But there’s always a dilemma over just what makes the perfect corporate Christmas gift. We’ve all received the gift bags packed with tacky printed pens and paperweights, novelty electronics and branded stationery. They live in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet for a few weeks until the next clean-out. Of course a gift is a gift and it’s the thought the counts, but instead of a quick gesture, wouldn’t it be nice if you could really put a smile on someone’s face with a gift that delights and brings real pleasure?

We have a way for you to really deliver the wow factor with your Christmas gifts. Gift Wrapped Up offers a range luxury gift hampers which make perfect gifts – gifts that will amaze and delight the recipient.

Imagine the pleasure you can give an employee or associate when you send them a thoughtfully chosen hamper that will bring them pleasure right through the holiday season. Every time they enjoy something from the hamper they’ll be thinking of you and you will be winning their loyalty all over again.

A luxury gift hamper is also the perfect way to let a valued client know that they’re not just a way for you to make money. You’ll be telling them that you value their business and that you see them as more than just a client. You’ll bring a smile to their face that they’ll remember every time they do business with you.

Your suppliers will also be surprised and delighted to receive a gift hamper from you, especially as these hampers can be customised. Suppose a supplier has gone to extra trouble to deliver a special item to you. You can choose items for their hamper that reflect that item and really let them know how much you appreciate them personally.

A personalised hamper is a way to let anyone you do business with know that you see them as more than just part of the business machinery, that you value and appreciate them as people and that you’ve put serious thought into making their holiday season a little brighter in this way.

With Gift Wrapped Up luxury hampers you don’t need to fuss about delivery, either. You don’t need to worry about couriers or expensive delivery services. Gift Wrapped Up will deliver your gift hamper Australia-wide, in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth. All you have to do is choose the gift you want to give and we’ll do the rest.

And what a choice it is! Our range of hampers includes all kinds of sweet and savoury delights. There are hampers based around top quality wines or spirits or, if you’d prefer, you can choose hampers with a selection of beers. There are champagne hampers or food hampers. In short, there’s something for everyone. You can even please the movie buffs among your employees with Gold Class movie vouchers for Village Cinemas and a selection of fine sweets and chocolates to go with them.

You know your client likes a beer at the end of the day, but you’re not sure whether he has a sweet tooth. You can have a bet each way with a great Asahi Savoury Deluxe Hamper. Three bottles of Asahi beer, a selection of quality savouries, a bottle of rosemary garlic olive oil and a jar of luxury milk chocolate macadamias to cover every option.

Or you can really put a smile on the face of your female employees with the Chandon Pamper Plus hamper. This has a great selection of organic toiletries, a bath towel, a face washer and a shower glove, all packed in a Gift Wrapped Up signature gift box with a bottle of Chandon Sparkling. It’s a great way to put a smile on their faces and ensure they’re on your side for the year ahead.

Of course men like a little pampering too and you can give them that with the Urban Rituelle Indulge Hamper. It’s got a selection of Urban Rituelle skin products for men and a pack of honey roasted cashews. If they’re not enough to put a smile on their face, the bottle of Chivas Regal packed with them is sure to do the trick.

All these luxury hampers, and many more, come in a Gift Wrapped Up signature gift box with a personalised greeting card. But for corporate Christmas gifts we all know how important branding is, and our corporate branding service can pack your hampers in gift boxes especially designed for you by our in-house graphic design service.

All of this adds up to a corporate Christmas gift plan with the message that every company wants to send its employees, its clients and its suppliers. And it’s a message that matters more in the holiday season than at any other time: the message that you care.


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