Mother’s Day Gifts – a Guide to Picking the Right Gift for Your Mother

It’s easy to forget about holidays like Mother’s Day when caught up in, well, life. These days are important though as they are chance for us to show appreciation for someone. We all enjoy when people show their thanks for what we have done for them, as well as who we are. A mother’s greatest gift is knowing her kids are doing fine in life, after all that’s what she set out to accomplish when raising them, but she also enjoys hearing that her kids appreciated the effort she put into it and, maybe, still does. It takes more effort than pretty much anything else to raise a child and to feel appreciated for that effort is a very gratifying feeling.


As children we take a lot, as adults we have a chance to give back. It’s not our duty – we didn’t choose to be born, that’s was our parents’choice – but it’s something that can show deep gratitude towards our parents and make them happy as they feel they achieved their goal if you are happy.


So what to get your mother for this Mother’s Day? There’s an old saying that it’s the thought behind a gift that counts and that’s true. Most people use that saying to point out that even if the gift wasn’t big, or not quite what the person expected, the fact that the person went out of their way to get it, is what counts. There’s more to it than that though, because most people appreciate a gift even more if the person who bought it, or made it, really had a think about it before doing so. It’s only too easy to look at people thinking they already have it all, but it’s not about buying them something they need. It’s about buying them something they want. Something you know rings true to their heart.


For example, if your mother is really into yoga and meditation, she might really appreciate a box with incense, a rare yoga book, a CD with meditation music/iTunes voucher for it and some other trinket related to yoga and meditation. She probably already has meditation music, as well as incense, but they are things she will use and you taking the time to put together an array of things she will use proves you care. And if you don’t have that time, then you call someone like Gift Wrapped to do it for you. You still put in the thought, telling us what things she enjoy – that’s what matters.


If you want something really simple, yet profound, then you can a traditional hamper like the ones on our website, but personalise it by adding a card describing why you picked that particular hamper. A spa hamper for example, might be because your mother has worked so much and now she deserves some rest and relaxation. Add a bottle of bubbly and say the bottle is to celebrate how well she raised you.


Another gift that is usually really appreciated is the gift of your time. By all means get her a nice gift hamper to spoil her (mothers like being spoiled for the most part) but in that hamper, slip in a note, or a card, saying you are also treating her to a day with you. Just you. Not you and the family, you and the kids, you and your partner, you and your friends…but you. Only you. You don’t have to make it something extraordinary and expensive like a day at a spa – it can just be a day doing gardening, strolling around in town, spending time at the beach, or doing a movie marathon. The important thing is that you share time together doing something you both enjoy.


To sum it up – the most important thing to remember is that the gift you choose reflects your mother’s personality and your appreciation of her. There’s nothing worse than buying your mother a big bag of chocolates when she announced she’s going in a juice fast, or a diet the week before, or buying her red wine if it gives her a headache. Stop to think before you buy. And think with your heart, not your mind!

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