Making a property purchase even more memorable

Real estate selling is a unique kind of business.  Whether you work in the stratospheric level of corporate real estate or your business is selling homes, you’re dealing with very big ticket items and often they’re a one-off.  You’ve done your job well and your satisfied customer isn’t going to be coming back next week to buy more of the same.

So while repeat business doesn’t have quite the same importance as it does for, let’s say, a shoe shop, it’s still important to make the kind of impression on your client that will ensure it’s you they think of next time they’re looking for a property.  It mightn’t be next month, but it could be next year or the year after.

You’ve sold an apartment to a young couple and in five years they’re expecting their second child and looking to move to something more spacious.  Who are they going to call?  Or you’ve placed a start-up business in their first commercial premises and the business takes off in a big way.  A couple of years down the track they need larger offices, or an expanded factory.  How do you make sure they remember who to come to?

As with any business, it’s the personal touch that counts, the human factor that puts a smile on the face of a client when they can see how valued they are.  And here’s a great way to leave an impression that lasts long after the paint has started to fade on the front door.

Imagine a young couple who have just moved to their new home.  They’re surrounded by boxes and packing cases, facing the daunting task of unpacking and arranging their belongings.  Suddenly the doorbell rings and they are surprised by a Gift Wrapped Up luxury hamper.  Imagine the smiles on their faces when they open the card and realise it’s from you, the agent who sold them the house.

It’s a sure-fire way to put a smile on their face – and a hook in their memory.  In a couple of years, when they decide they need to upsize, who are they going to call?  Or when their friends are looking for a new place, who are they going to recommend?

So what can you send them?  What about Gift Wrapped Up’s Gourmet Sparkling Chandon Treats?  It’s perfect to help them face that mountain of packing cases.  A bottle of Chandon Sparkling to perk them up and a rich selection of sweet and savoury treats, some for now and some to christen their new kitchen cupboards.

Or you could choose a Moet Deluxe Delights selection, a bottle of Moet and an even more extravagant selection of treats, ranging from luxury chocolate macadamias through gourmet selections of nuts and crisp breads.  This is a selection that will make their day and most of their evening as well.  The unpacking can wait until tomorrow!

Perhaps you could send a more practical gift.  What about a Myer Gift Card Hamper?  This is a special selection from Gift Wrapped Up with a delicious range of savoury treats, from juicy Kalamata olives to gourmet brittle, all packed up with a $50 Myer gift voucher.  It’s a great way to let them buy a little something for their new house.  Something they’ll always remember you by.

These luxury hampers from Gift Wrapped Up aren’t only for home buyers.  Suppose you’ve found the perfect commercial space for a new business start-up.  You worked for weeks with the CEO’s assistant, searching and searching until you found the ideal property.  She was very influential in making sure the deal was sealed and you really feel she deserves something special.

Here’s the perfect gift: the Relax With Your Five Year Plan hamper.  This is a special gift hamper with a selection of relaxing organic bath milk and body custard, just right for  unwinding after the stress of organising the office move.  They’re packed with a copy of the inspirational book “Where Will You Be 5 years from Today?” And we can tell you where she’ll be five years from today.  She’ll have moved on to a senior executive position as the company has grown, and when the time for bigger premises arrives, she’s going to remember the smile you put on her face with this beautiful hamper.

These are just a few of the huge range of Gift Wrapped Up luxury hampers.  All of them come in beautiful presentation boxes with a personalised card.  And Gift Wrapped Up even have an in-house graphic design service so they can be branded with your own corporate design.

All these beautiful hampers can be delivered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and all around Australia, so the perfect, personal gift is always available for you to send anywhere, directly from this site.

It’s the perfect way to bring one more smile to a client’s face and ensure that they’ll always remember how much you value them.

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