How Gifts Can Make or Break a Real Estate Deal

Happy clients are the best clients and research shows that it’s often the small things, such as gifting real estate hampers, that make a difference. For example you can do everything to the dot when it comes to professionalism, but if the clients feel there is nothing more to it – it’s just following a protocol – they will feel disappointed.


Clients like feeling special; especially feeling like you have a unique connection with them and support them 100% in their quest to find real estate that is suitable for them. That takes more than handing the right paperwork over at the right time, finding good properties and being courteous when showing them around a property. It takes showing you genuinely care – you remember their preferences, you ask about their children, finding things you have in common to chat about and you show sympathy with their obstacles when choosing a new place to rent/buy whether for their business or home.


Imagine this: you meet a real estate agent and supply them with a list of preferences for the property you are looking for. They say they will have properties lined up for you to see in four days’ time and book you in for two hours of showings, given you like the options they send you. Right after the meeting you receive an email from them thanking you for your time; saying it was lovely to meet you and they really hope they can assist you as they are so excited about your business venture and/or your new home because of x, y and z. They tell you they will send you five properties tomorrow and five the following day, of which you can choose three to five for a viewing – maybe you already saw some of these properties at their offices, but they will ensure you get all the information in the emails, so you can decide which ones you’d rather view.


In the days to come you receive the emails with the different property options; each property having a tick list next to it with your wish list items ticked off, to show you exactly how many of the features each property has.


On the day of the viewing they show up with your morning drink of choice from a local coffee shop as when you were in their office to discuss what you were looking for, they served coffee/tea and noted your preferences. They show you around the properties, careful to point out the strong and weak points of the properties in comparison to your list, eventually showing you a property or two they believe to be absolutely perfect.


You fall in love with and choose a property and the contract is delivered to you by courier together with a real estate hamper with a bottle of champagne and some chocolate to celebrate the great deal you’ve just made. This makes you feel really good about the decision to go for that particular property.


On the move in day, just as you stand there in a confusion of boxes, to do lists and handy men, you receive a gift hamper from the estate agent, thanking you for working with them and telling you what a great choice you made and hoping you will have a chance later to relax with the spa hamper you just received.


You would remember that estate agent. It’s hard not to. That means you’d recommend them to friends, given you are also happy with the real estate you bought/rented. It also means you will use them again when next house hunting. If choosing between the real estate agent that genuinely cares about finding the right property for you as well as give you gifts to celebrate the process and the one who offers no perks whatsoever, the choice becomes obvious.


There are a million and one things you can do as a real estate agent to up the perceived value of your services and giving clients gifts is one of them. Real estate hampers are often very appreciated as people making big choices, such as what house to buy or what offices to pick for their business, like to have their choices celebrated. It’s also a stressful process to move, so having someone acknowledging that and doing something to soothe the process is very welcomed. Something nice to perk them up in the middle of “box hell.”


What you should choose to put in a real estate hamper greatly varies depending on the client. For corporate clients renting new offices you might want a hamper just for the owner, or a hamper everyone can enjoy. If what you did was sign a small rental agreement you might not want to pop in two bottles of champagne and a large box of gourmet chocolates as it gets expensive, but a candle, a bottle of wine and a small box of gourmet chocolates might well be worth it. Those who rent today might want to buy tomorrow – or at the very least: rent a much larger place. Make sure the hamper is memorable enough to be talked about. One stand-alone candle with a card, although a thoughtful gift, will probably not be remembered for long. Also ensure you don’t send chocolate to someone wanting to lose weight, or wine to someone who doesn’t drink. Whilst chit chatting with the clients, try to gauge their preferences.


Here at Gift Wrapped Up we offer various different hampers that are suitable for everyone from buyers of massive commercial real estate, to the first time home owner who bought a one bedroom flat. Have a browse to find out which real estate hamper would be the most suitable for your clients. Don’t just pick something – pick something you know will speak to your clients.


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