Buy Ready-Made Kids Gift Hampers or Learn to Make Them Yourself

Finding inspiration for gift hampers for children can be both fun and tiring, depending on what mood you are in. If you are having a last minute melt down about what to get your nieces and nephews or even your own children – relax. We have some gift hampers in store for you. If you want to make your own on the other hand, we have all the inspiration you need for that as well.


The most important thing with kids as well as with adults when buying gifts is to target what they love. Even if you want to buy an educational or useful toy, or something other than what was on top of their wish list (let’s face it: sometimes what’s on the top of that list costs as much as what you earn in a month) you have to present it in such a way that it becomes fun. If it’s presented as dull, the kids will think it’s dull. Likewise, if you buy something the kids can’t relate to, like a game learning to spell which is all about horses, when they couldn’t care less for horses, will make them think the present doesn’t appeal to them. You can make kids do the most extraordinary things so long as you connect it to what they love. Try the opposite and they will have a tantrum, even when you buy them something really nice, because they won’t even try it before they start complaining.


Kids have a way of triggering parents emotions to make them buy what they want – even if the parents don’t necessarily think it’s what they should have. Don’t fall into that trap – decide to buy something you think they will love, but that you also approve of. They don’t need what everyone else is getting, but they need something they think is just as cool and fun, or even better.


So onto actually making a hamper! Well, hampers are all about combining things, usually with a theme, so think of some themes your kid(s) (or whoever’s kids you are making a gift hamper for) would love. Is it all about horses? Lego? Treasure maps? Princesses? Or maybe alligators at the moment? Kids tend to go through phases. Put together things that relate to the current phase.


For example, let’s say the theme is horses. Now you happen to know that little Sophia really needs a sweater. She also needs to embrace her creativity a bit more and learn to express herself better. Of course she also need to have fun. So you buy her a sweater with horses on it, a set of play dough with horse moulds, a tale about horses with writing exercises in it, a game with horses and a beach tennis set with horses. You managed to cover both the things she need, like a sweater and things that will help her develop her creativity and skills, like play dough and a writing book. You also gave her something she will simply have fun with, like beach tennis.


You can use themes slightly differently as well, focusing on other things than the current phase – maybe you want to have them start a new phase. If it’s a three or four year old, maybe you decide now it’s time to learn the ABCs and get a whole kit related to just this – posters, books, ABC shaped pasta, ABC cookie cutters, a movie that teaches the ABCs and so on. Likewise, you might feel your daughter or son needs to spend some more time outdoors and as her or she has shown some curiosity towards nature you deck him out with things related to gardening, so you can spend time together doing gardening.


There’s so much you can do with various themes to add something extra. If you don’t have time for that though we have some excellent kids gift hampers for you that are all packed and ready to be shipped, as well as offering personally tailored hampers. Some of our ready-made hampers are simple gifts, other are bigger hampers. For example one is a backpack packed with goodies, making it a great gift for anyone starting school.  You can always add some pens, books and other necessities for school if inspiration strikes you. (School starter kits, travel kids and sports kids are also great ideas for hamper themes.)


We hope you enjoy your gift or Christmas shopping and that you find the perfect gift hamper for your kids.

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