7 of the worst Christmas gifts ever.

11th October 2013
Article about 7 of the worst Christmas gifts ever.

Christmas is just around the corner, and you can be assured that bosses everywhere are starting to think about what they are going to buy their clients, suppliers and employees this Christmas.

Some of the gifts will be fantastic, some good and some really not so good. Over the years, I’ve heard many funny stories about Christmas gifts people have received from their employers; I share them with you here.

7 of the worst Christmas gifts ever.

1. Re-gifting, don’t give an employee a gift that is addressed to you. Never re-gift as you’ll be caught out.

2. A friend of mine received a gift from a supplier a few years ago. The supplier had just won a new account, an adult novel toy company, and he wanted to share the products. You can imagine the rest…

3. Another gift received over a 3-year period when working for an organisation was a “high 5.” Yes, that is correct a “high 5” – thanks for all of your hard work this year…

4. And we can’t forget the classic Christmas mug.

5. I’ve also heard about employees receiving alarm clocks, to make sure they get up on time each morning for work!

6. What about if your boss takes you out for a nice Christmas lunch, great, you enjoy a few glasses of champagne, two-course lunch, and then he asks for the bills to be separated between each person. That’s employee’s recognition at its best, NOT!

7. Gift certificates to the value of up to $10

This hyper-connected economy leaves us frantic, with little time to stop and recognise the people that truly contribute to our businesses. Take the time to really consider what your employees, suppliers and clients would really like this Christmas.

A genuine Christmas gift that shows authentic appreciation will make employee engagement and productivity so much easier in the New Year.